FBA Basic Prep and Ship Services

  • Receiving

  • FNSKU Labeling

  • Sticker Removal

  • Poly Bags if needed

  • Dunnage

  • Expiration Labels

  • Damaged Item Handling

  • Outbound Boxes

FNSKU Labels

1-10 Units

$10per order

11-20 Units


21-499 Units


500-1000 Units


From 1000 Units



  • oversized more than 22 inch


  • Overweight more than 8 lb

No Hidden Fees or monthly payments!!!
No margin on glass.
No margin on liquids.
No monthly fee.


(Combining one SKU into a set. Minimum per order 10$)

2-3 Units


4-5 Units


6-10 Units


11-15 Units


16-20 Units


21-25 Units


25+ Units



(Combining more than one SKU into a bundle)

2-3 Units


Next additional item in bundle

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Shipping PREP additional services

Packaging materials

(Upon request we can arrange the right packaging specific to your product)

Small Box

  • 17x11x11

Medium Box

  • 21x15x16

Large Box

  • 24x18x18

Extra-large Box

  • 24x20x21

Bubble Wrap

$040per linear foot

Polly bag 9x12 inch

$030per bag

Polly bag 12x15 inch

$050per bag

Stretch film

$13per roll
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Additional services

(All unknown received shipments will disposed after 30 days of receiving)

Individual package (box)

  • Client individual package (box) assembling


$5per box
  • Repackaging of ready to ship box

Label removal

$030per unit
  • Label, tags or sticker removal


$030per unit

Product disposal

$030per unit

Hourly labor

$40per hout
  • Hourly labor (inspection, special tasks)


$25per pallet

Call to supplier


Call to carriers

  • Call to carriers (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc)

Professional photography of your products

1-3 photos


4-5 photos

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FBM Orders

(up to 12×15 bubble mailer packaging is included)

FBM order


Additional unit: from 2 to 5


Additional unit: 6 units and more


Oversized unit 13x16x10 Fee x2

Overweight unit more 8lb Fee x2

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FBA&FBM returns


$200per unit
  • Receiving, visual inspection

  • 7 days of storage, utilization

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Other services


Box forwarding


Pallet forwarding


Removal Orders

1-100 units


101-200 units


201-5000 units



(Fix 4%, 500$ minimum or 20 units/SKU from 1 supplier)

Return products to supplier

$5per box




Box receiving

$150per box
  • Box receiving more than 10 boxes or more than 20lb

Container receiving 20'


Container receiving 40'



Bin location

$6per month

Box location

$11per month

Small pallet

$22per month

Regular pallet

$35per month
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We look forward to our business!