FBA Basic Prep and Ship Services

  • Receiving

  • Inspection with photos

  • FNSKU Labeling

  • Poly Bags if needed

  • Sticker Removal

  • Dunnage

  • Expiration Labels

  • Damaged Item Handling

  • Outbound Boxes

  • 10 days inventory storage

5-10 Units


11-19 Units


20-5000 Units


5000+ Units


No Hidden Fees or monthly payments!!!
No margin on glass.
No margin on liquids.
No monthly fee.


2-5 Units


6-10 Units


11-15 Units


16-20 Units



2-3 Units


Next additional item in bundle

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Shipping PREP additional services

Small Box


Medium Box


Large Box


Bubble Wrap

$030per linear foot
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Professional photography of your products

1-3 photos


4-5 photos

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FBA&FBM returns


$200per unit
  • includes utilization and 10 days of storage
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  • Receiving returns
  • Product Status ReportPhotos
  • Completing returns if missing products
  • Returning goods to Amazon FBA (the price of the shipment depends on the number of returns, based on FBA pricing)
  • Individual product verification – by agreement (electronics, going through product packing lists)
  • Removal and putting on new FNSKU

FBM processing

Prep services

$200per unit
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  • Bundles (set) by FMA price list

  • Returns handles by FBA& FBM returns price list
  • Postal services by price of carrier (FedEX, UPS, USPS, DHL)
  • 10 days of free storage

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Box Storage

$500per month
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Pallet Storage

$2500per month
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